Create random + pronouncable passwords on linux

$ pwgen

pwgen is another utility that is just a quick installation away with the command sudo apt-get install pwgen. Simply running the command pwgen will flood your terminal with many passwords, so you’re just supposed to pick one at random (preferrably not the first or last one). This is done in case someone is nearby or looking over your shoulder — that way they won’t know which password you’ve chosen out of the many that are displayed.

You can also use these flags:

  • -1: Gives you just one password rather than an entire screen full of them.
  • -s: Uses a different algorithm to make it even more secure.
  • -y: Add special characters to the provided password.
  • -0: Don’t include numbers.
  • -B: Don’t use characters that are hard to read, such as 1 I l or 0 O
  • -v: Don’t allow any vowels. This is primarily used if the website doesn’t allow offensive language to be used in passwords.



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